Rome tourist information

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You can find Rome tourist information all over Rome. The Comune di Roma (Roma Capitale) provides informative material to the following information points (P.I.T. Tourist Information Points). So you can can pick up brochures and maps, and buy  tour tickets, underground … Continued

How to visit Rome

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How to visit Rome. Does it exist a way to visit Rome? Right now, I think so. Rome is very beautiful from an artistic and cultural point of view, but it is not for its general trend. Sometimes I have … Continued

Changing of the Guard in Rome

  If you are in Rome on Sunday or on a feast day and it’s 4 p.m. (during the summer) and you are near the Quirinale Palace, stop! There is the changing of the guard in front of the President of … Continued

Parmigianino and Correggio at Scuderie del Quirinale

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From 12 of march to 26 of june 2016 the Scuderie del Quirinale, in Rome, contain the masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance made by two Italian artists from Parma : Francesco Mazzola, called Parmigianino, and Antonio Allegri, called Correggio. The … Continued


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  Caravaggio is my favourite painter, maybe because of his realism or the fascination of his portraits or maybe because of his difficult temper. Here in Rome you can see 6 paintings by Caravaggio simply going into a church. It’s … Continued

A little corner of Russia in Rome

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  Yes, of course …  a little corner of Russia in Rome. Near the basilica of San Pietro, in Via del Lago Terrione, you can visit the Russian orthodox church of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria (built from 2001 to 2009). It shows … Continued

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