I am Alessandra Parsi and I realized this blog, Roma da vivere, because I want you to know Rome in the same way as I know or even better; because you can visit places, churches, monuments and palaces from points of view that even Romans ignore; because I want to make easy your moving in the city and show you interesting and amusing things to do (better if they are free). On the whole I want you to live the city in the best way.  

I remember a holiday spent with my cousin in Puglia, amazing place, but the first three days were awful because we followed our instinct and we have been swindled. Fortunately we met our friend Claudio who knew very well the place and from then on our holidays changed. So through this blog I want to be for you the friend who can improve your holidays.

So if you are a tourist, welcome to Rome and have a good time. I hope you go back home with a pleasant recollection of my city. If you are not a tourist, I hope to help you, too.