Trevi fountain legend

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The Trevi Fountain legend says that if you throw a coin from the right hand over the left shoulder you will return to Rome in the future. However many tourists think that the Trevi fountain is the whishing fountain, but it is not. One month ago I was talking to some American people and they said that they were still waiting for their dreams come true: throwing the coin into the fountain will ensure only that you will return to Rome.


Trevi fountain


Now let’s talk about the large vase on the right of the fountain, called “Asso di coppe” because of its shape. It seems that the sculptor, Nicola Salvi, built it there because there was a barber who criticized him while he was working. So putting the vase in that way, the barber couldn’t see him working and couldn’t blame.

However not everyone knows that there is another legend: on the right side of  Trevi Fountain, there is a small fountain that the architect Nicola Salvi created next to the monumental exhibition to give a chance for passersby to drink and it is known as the Fountain of Lovers. The legend tells that the Roman girls when their lover had to leave for a soldier, to be sure that he would go back, they had a little ritual: on the evening before the young man’s departure, the couple would go to the fountain. The girl would fill a glass which had never been used before and hand it to her lover, they drank together the Virgin water and then they broke the glasses so their love would last forever.

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