How to visit Rome

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How to visit Rome. Does it exist a way to visit Rome? Right now, I think so. Rome is very beautiful from an artistic and cultural point of view, but it is not for its general trend. Sometimes I have difficulty to recognize this city that I love very much and that I had the luck to see in better times. When you invite someone to your house, you want to cut a fine figure so I want the tourists, and not only, to be satisfied when they are here in Rome.

How to visit Rome

I wrote in “About me”, that this blog is born because I want to make easy your moving in the city. In my small way I try to give advices that maybe you can’t find in a guide-book. For example it’s not easy to find a restaurant that is cheap and good because in this age everything is standardized. I try to consider a range that includes simple and refined things for meeting with the taste of everybody. It’s not easy.

The same goes for the public transport that is a great problem also for the Romans. So if I advise you to go to a central accommodation it is because I want you to avoid the public transport or to limit its use. Obviously I take into consideration that there are people who could prefer cheap accommodation and tolerate the delay of the public transport.

So I go on looking for things that make you live the city in the best way. If you wish to give me some advices, please write me.

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