Street art in Rome: the sculptor Andrea Gandini

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The street art in Rome is always referred to graffiti and murales , however I think that also the sculptures made on trunks can be considered street art and maybe something more. Here in Rome there are many trees that have been cut because they risked to fall down and  a young man, Andrea Gandini, (he is only 21 years old) has been carving them from 2015 up now. It’s an original way to use something dead and to give it a new life.


Street art inRome: Andrea Gandini


You can meet Andrea walking on the streets in Rome. I met him in Via Cola di Rienzo, one of Rome’s most famous shopping streets, while he was carving his trunk. All the people are astonished to see human faces carved in the trunks and they are happy that something neglected can be an element of beauty and art for Rome. His last work is about the great problem concerning our roads, because of the big holes across the city.


Ph. Andrea Gandini



Follow him on his web site.

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