Visit the Senate House in Rome: Palazzo Madama


If your journey in Rome includes the first Saturday of the month, you can visit the Senate House: Palazzo Madama. Normally it is open the first Saturday, but it’s better if you check information on the official website. The Senate staff  make  a guided tour in Italian and they explain  the main features of the most important halls, rooms and other places of interest of Palazzo Madama.


The Risorgimento room in Palazzo Madama


I attended a guided tour in Palazzo Madama during the extraordinary opening of Museums at night. The tour lasts about  40 minutes and it is very interesting indeed. The rooms are wonderful because of the preciousness of the materials they are made of and the works you can find there.




The tours are free but you must collect the free ticket in Piazza Madama, 11 from 8:30 am on(it’s better if you go early in the morning because you run the risk of not finding them any more). Every visitor can collect 4 tickets at most. For further information call the number+39 0667062177, or send an email to

You can reach the Senate House by the busses which follow: 30, 70, 81, 87, 492 e 628

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