Roma Pass: is it worth it?

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Roma Pass: is it  worth it? It depends on some factors. I studied (using a calculator) an itinerary, in the center of Rome, to save as much as possible time and money.

In fact you can visit Colosseum, Castel Sant’Angelo and Capitoline Museums, through a direct access to the security check point, without waiting in the ticket window line. However there might be delays due to public security operations. Furthermore you can enjoy free entry to the first visited museum or archaeological site of your choice while you have concessionary ticket to all other museums and archaeological sites visited thereafter. You also have free use of the city’s public transport network.

So let’s go!

Roma Pass 48 hours itinerary

Day one

Let’s start with the Capitoline Museums. Why? Because the ticket is the most expensive and the Roma pass card gives you a free entry to the first visited museum. You could also start with the Borghese Gallery because if there is an exhibition held in the museum the ticket is very expensive, but remember ticket reservation is always required.



Capitoline museums with Roma pass


Then you can go on with Palazzo Valentini  which is near  the Capitoline museums and it holds the archaeological remains of ancient Roman houses, the patrician Domus of the Imperial Rome and the historical building.

Then, still in the same area, there are the Colosseum, Roman forum and Palatine hill that you can visit with only a ticket which lasts 2 days.


Colosseum, Roman Forum e and Palatine Hill


Day two


Borghese Gallery: reservation is always required (telephone +39 0632810 mon-fri  9:00 am – 06:00 pm; sat 9:00 am – 1:00 pm; closed on Sunday and holidays; on December the24th and the 31st 9:00 am – 1:00 pm).

From Borghese Gallery to Palazzo Barberini it takes 20 minutes’ walk or you can take the bus.  The way is smooth except the last 100 meters which are uphill.

Lastly Castel Sant’Angelo that you can reach taking the underground at Barberini station and stopping at Lepanto station. From Lepanto in 15 minutes’ walk you are in Castel Sant’Angelo or you can go by the bus 280, 87, 70, 913.


Castel San'Angelo con la Roma pass




As the Roma pass card costs 28€  you save about 9€ for museums and 1,50€ for every travel you make by underground and bus. In this itinerary you should save 7,50 € for public transport.  On the contrary  if you decide to enjoy your holiday without running from a museum to another, the Roma pass is not worth it, because in the same way you can skip the line by booking sights in advance and you can buy unlimited transport passes at any “tabaccaio” or at metro stations.

For further information about Roma pass, go to the official website and in the download area you can have the list of all the museums able to be visited with the Roma pass. To be sure that the museums are open or that the prices are still the same, make a call.

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